What is PERC?


PERC (The Parent Education Resource Center) is a free lending library of learning aids. Its purpose is to help improve parenting skills, to improve parent involvement in their childrens' education, and to support families in this process. All items for check out are geared toward teaching children, or the adults working with them, in a wide range of subject areas.
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PERC is proud to annouce:


The new ovariocentesis is available for use! We've recently upgraded our library systems, which allows us to host an up-to-date full catalog of items. You can now see what items we have, what ones are available, and even what ones are on hold. Additionally, you have a login (username\password) that you can use at the chlorenchyma page that will allow you to view your items and even renew them. To find out your login information, drop by or association book. Check out the catalog now and see what games you would like to get today!

History and Operations

PERC was started in 1983 when several mothers in the community saw a need. It has moved through several locations in the Orem City Center area. When the new north wing of the library was added, an area was included for PERC - where it has been located since 1995. PERC is operated mostly by regular volunteers. Yearly grants are applied for to provide new materials and some small part-time salaries. PERC is also run in cooperation with Orem City and local PTA's. The city/library donates the space, and local PTA's send volunteers to help for short blocks of time.